There are many reasons LASIK is a good choice to make today.  Here are a few of those life changing/improving reasons.


With clearer vision, you can perform simple tasks, like looking at the alarm clock or checking a medicine bottle, without searching for your glasses or putting in contacts. You can travel with ease and avoid worrying about packing or forgetting your lenses or cleaning solutions.LASIK makes it easier to live an active lifestyle. You can take a long jog outside without worrying about your glasses falling off or fogging up. You can jump into a pool at a moment’s notice. You can play contact sports without worrying about shattering your glasses.


LASIK makes financial sense. LASIK pays for itself by not having to buy contact lenses or glasses anymore. To top it off many insurance providers will pay for some or all of your LASIK surgery. If insurance will not pay, many Flexible Spending Accounts allow use of the funds for LASIK.


No long recovery times here. After you come home from your surgery you will be able to see the world around you in clear detail within hours.


Visual freedom. Just imagine never having to think about your vision again…ever. This is what LASIK will do for you. All you have to do is open your eyes to see. Never again deal with eye drops because your contacts dried out.


Enjoy life and all that clear vision has to offer. Have fun going without glasses, not worrying about contacts and showing off your beautiful eyes.