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A cataract is a very common eye problem particularly after age 60. Less commonly a cataract occurs in younger individuals and sometimes as the result of medications, systemic diseases such as diabetes, eye injuries or inflammation. Davis Vision Center’s cataract surgeons specialize in treating this condition in the Salt Lake City, Utah area.


A cataract is a cloudy lens within the eye. Directly behind the iris or colored part of the eye sits the lens. Generally when we are children our lens is clear but as we age a clouding of the lens occurs. When the lens clouding becomes severe enough to interfere with vision we call it a cataract. This clouding causes the light passing through it to be scattered or blocked. In fact, an early symptom of a cataract is more glare with lights particularly noticed around approaching headlights when driving at night. Since a cataract is a lens clouding it cannot be resolved with glasses or medications. When a cataract is severe enough to cause interference with your activities it is generally considered ready for surgical removal.


Cataract surgical techniques have improved tremendously even over the last couple years. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the U.S. Even though cataract surgery is very common there are still risks involved as there are with any surgery. However, the risk of severe vision loss is extremely rare when completed by an experienced cataract surgeon.


When Dr. Davis performs cataract surgery he will open a bag inside the eye which contains the cataract. He will then remove the cataract (which is the cloudy lens) and replace it with a man-made lens.

The exciting news is that because of Dr. Davis’ extensive surgical experience using the latest techniques he can place a man-made lens inside your eye that may allow you to diminish your need for glasses even for near tasks like using the computer or reading. In the U.S. there are 4 lenses approved for this use by the FDA, namely the Crystalens HD, the Technis multifocal, the Panoptix, and the Eyehance.  We also offer the new Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) implant for cataract surgery which allows adjustment of prescription after surgery. If you need cataract surgery in Utah, you’ve found the right place.

As a qualified cataract surgeon, Dr. Davis also can perform your surgery with eye drops to numb the eye so that you don’t need to have an injection around your eye as was done previously and usually without a single stitch. The entire procedure usually takes much less than an hour.


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