Almost one-third of all injuries in the US happen to children 17 years or younger. With children at such a high risk we wanted to give a few tips for preventing eye injury and in the unfortunate case an injury occurs some tips on caring for those eyes.

Prevention Tips – This is a short list that can get you started to a safer environment.

• For young children use a gate at the top and bottom of stairways

• Install cabinet and locks for doors that keep access to dangerous household products restricted

• Store utensils out of reach of children

• Encourage children to wear sunglasses that block 100% UV rays and are impact resistant

Caring for Eye Injury

• Scratched cornea: a light scratch will usually heal completely without complications but a severe cut will require immediate treatment and probably surgery

• Chemical burns: Flush the eye for 15 minutes, do not try to heal by introducing another substance to the eye

• Black Eye: most black eyes will heal without additional intervention

Don’t forget regular checkups for your kids eye health is very important.  Give us a call to schedule your appointments before your kids head back to school.