Safety and concern over LASIK have kept many from improving their vision. However, a survey indicates that eye surgeons and their families believe in LASIK more than the general population which should give confidence for those who are still uneasy about the procedure. “The survey results were pretty straightforward” says Dr. Richard Duffy who headed up the anonymous survey to members of the ISRS and AAO. “Thirty-five percent of the surgeons have had it done, 21 percent of their children have had it, 30 percent of spouses have had it and 40 percent of their siblings-the surgeons’ siblings or those of their spouses-have had it. In terms of the surgeons who’ve had it, only about half of us are eligible for laser vision correction but about 35 percent of us have had it done. So that’s the vast majority who are even eligible candidates, but, more important, that’s about four times the penetration in the general public. I think this speaks volumes about the trust and safety factors regarding laser vision correction.” adds Duffy.

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