Dryness of the eyes is extremely prevalent in our area. We live in a very dry climate. Many of us have dry eyes and are unaware. Sometimes we only notice our vision fluctuating or being better at times and then worse at other times and it can change with blinking. This is likely due to dryness. Other symptoms of dry eyes include a sandy, gritty, or burning sensation. We may feel like there is something in our eye. Or we may feel like our eye is dry or that our eyelid seems to stick to our eye.

The problem is that dry eyes blurs the vision, it puts you at risk for possible eye infections and can even cause scarring and permanent vision loss.

At Davis Vision Center we have a dry eye center and have multiple methods to help your dry eyes including artificial tears, gels, ointments, and prescription eye drops like Restasis, Xiidra, Cequa, and Eysuvis. There is even a prescription nasal spray called Tyrvqya that stimulates tear production. We can place plugs. We also have Meibomian gland treatments and Serum Tears available.

Treatment of dry eyes can be tricky but very rewarding. Our physicians and staff are experts in these therapies to help you with what might be best for you.


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