OVER 40?

If you’re over 40 you may have noticed some changes in your close up vision.

Such changes may include:

  • needing to hold things farther away from you to see them clearly
  • difficulty reading smaller print
  • having difficulty staying focused on your computer screen

These are all a common as you get more and more candles on your birthday cake.

This loss of your ability to focus up close is a natural aging process called presbyopia. Presbyopia eventually happens to everyone and can really affect your life style if not appropriately treated.

At Davis Vision Center, we understand that everyone is different and has unique visual needs. If you’re concered that your age is past the maximum allowed for LASIK corrective surgery, we can help. We’ll determine through a doctor-patient consultation what the best procedure is for your age. We offer many options that will aid in your near visual demands and are confident that we can find a solution that best fits your specific needs.

Some of these options include spectacle correction implementing a lined or no line bifocal. There are various different contact lens options including multifocal contact lenses for those who want to stay out of glasses, but aren’t a great candidate for LASIK due to their age.

There are also safe and effective surgical options such as a Monovision LASIK procedure and multifocal cataract lens implants that enable patients to remain free from glasses and contact lenses.

We at Davis Vision Center look forward to the opportunity to help you obtain the most clear vision in a way that suites you best, no matter what your age is. If you’re over 40 and you’re looking for LASIK in the Salt Lake City, UT area, give us a call! There’s no maximum age for improving your life with better vision!


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