July is a great month to celebrate our freedom and the wonderful country we live in.  As we watch the beautiful firework shows it is a good time to reflect on our vision and how important it is to protect.  July is National Eye Injury Prevention month and for good reason. Over one million people will have an eye injury this year in the United Sates, 90% of which could have been prevented with protective eyewear.

The leading causes of eye injuries are all things we do particularly more of in the summer months. These include sports accidents, consumer fireworks, household chemicals and battery acid, as well as workshop and yard debris.  The next time you find yourself participating in one of these activites please wear the appropriate protective eyewear and keep those eyes safe.  It is important to be prepared because accidents happen quickly and unexpectedly.

If you do get an eye injury it is important that you seek medical help immediately. Injuries involving cuts, chemical burns or foreign bodies stuck in the eye are emergencies and should be treated by a professional.Regardless of how light a blow seems if a black eye, pain or visual problems occurs seek medical help.If a chemical burn to the eye occurs, flush the eye with clean water and seek emergency medical treatment.

Our eyes are amazing and powerful part of us, remember to keep them safe so you can continue to fully enjoy the sights around you.