For some time I’ve considered the possibility of LASIK surgery but just thought of eyes and surgery in the same sentence made me nervous. Like most people, I rely on my eyes to do so many things. Being an artist, I rely on my eyes for the inspiration and the execution of my work. In art school there was a saying that was often used, “the eye of the artist does more work than his hands.

Thank you for being patient with me and explaining all of my options, I know each person’s eyes are unique and present special challenges. I appreciate your ability to deal with my particular condition. Your staff treats me like I’m a visitor at a relaxing day spa and that makes the experience very low stress. The whole experience at Davis Vision Center has been a very rewarding pleasure. I’ll always be grateful!


“Davis Vision Center was awesome! Not only was the staff wonderful, but Dr. Davis was great too! Before surgery, I was really nervous to have LASIK done. But all my questions and concerns were answered in such a way that I felt completely confident in my choice of Davis Vision Center. Now that its over, I’m still confident in that choice. Thanks Dr. Davis and staff!”

– HEATHER MAACK (KJMY Radio Personality) –

When I visited Davis Vision to get an extra set of glasses for my mission I had no idea that LASIK was even an option at my age. But the staff reviewed my prescription history and found that my eyes have been stable for several years and that I was able to have LASIK. So two weeks later I got the procedure and now I’m seeing 20/15 without glasses or contacts. I’m so excited that I won’t have to worry about my vision while serving a mission in South America! AND…my experience at Davis Vision was wonderful!

Through every appointment, the staff were all incredibly friendly and helpful. Doctor Davis was very professional; he eased all my worries about lasik and was more than capable of performing the operation. It’s easy to tell that the people at Davis value each of their clients and are there to help them in every way possible. My lasik procedure went very smooth, and the recovery was quick. For anyone considering lasik at all, I would recommend Davis Vision without a question!



“I couldn’t have picked a better place to have LASIK surgery than with Dr. Brian Davis and his Davis Vision Center. As you know, my body is a temple and I don’t let just anybody near it, mainly because I’m a big baby who is afraid of pain. Dr. Davis and his staff answered all of my questions and walked me through the procedure, complete with every detail I needed to know following surgery. Everything happened exactly like they said it would, and there was no pain involved. Life is easier now without glasses, and I’m much prettier.”

– PATRICK “PK” KINAHAN (1280 The Zone, Radio Host) –

“Dr. Brian Davis and the staff at Davis Vision Center couldn’t have made my LASIK procedure any easier. The consultation with Dr. Davis, Robyn, and the rest of the staff at Davis Vision was great. I had my procedure on a Thursday and on the following day I was covering a Jazz game on 1320 KFAN with 20/15 vision. If you have ever considered getting LASIK done, you owe it to yourself to talk to Dr. Brian Davis.”

– SCOTT GARRARD (1280 The Zone, Radio Host) –

“I was definitely nervous for the procedure but everyone at Dr. Davis’ office made me feel a lot better about it. I love that I can see without glasses or contacts!! I tell everyone about it because I love it. Thank you so much!”


“Everyone at Davis Vision was so helpful and friendly. After getting Lasik, I can now see better than my husband! My vision is better than 20/20 and I’m so happy with my experience.”


“Amazing! My expectations were a certain level after the surgery and the next day my vision was so very much better. It surpassed my expectations. The procedure was painless. Dr Davis and all of his staff were awesome. I was always at ease and felt like I was #1. I will refer anyone and everyone to Davis Vision. Thank you so much!!”


“Dr. Davis literally gave me a new life. It is a life transforming experience to be able to go from terrible vision one day, to great vision the next! I believe Dr. Davis to be a great doctor and I would recommend him to any friend and family member needing corrective eye care. I trust him completely and I am so glad I came to him for my LASIK surgery. He is great! Thank you Dr. Davis and staff!”


“I’m so thrilled with my vision after having cataract surgery and I only had the procedure done yesterday! All the cloudiness and poor vision is gone! I can see from a distance the rod iron bars on the under pass from Dr Davis’ office. I would never have been able to see that before. I’m absolutely astounded by the clarity and distance I can see now. I can’t wait to get my left eye done. Dr Davis is a miracle worker and his staff is so knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you Dr. Davis.”


“Every day I see something new and better than before. I don’t know why I put this off for so long. As an Instructor of Computer Programming and someone involved in outdoor sports, it has literally changed my lifestyle.”

– TAMARA THARPE (Dean of Computer Sciences, Stevens Henegar College) –

“I just got LASIK done and absolutely love it. The physician and staff made sure to answer all of my questions and address all my concerns so I was not nervous at all! I would highly recommend Davis Vision to anyone.”

– RANDI NELL (Student) –

“Having LASIK surgery has allowed me to see the world in a new way. Everything is clear and sharp to a degree that I haven’t ever experienced. The clouds, the mountains, airplanes in the sky- are so sharp and clear. I see differently and it’s better. At night, I feel like I need to take out my contacts and I laugh at myself because I forget that I now have the privilege of seeing my way around the house without the need of contacts. It’s wonderful. Thanks for the expertise you share in the vision arena.”

– TERRY BUHECH (Pharmacist) –

“My thanks goes out to Dr. Davis and his staff. They offer a very professional and friendly atmosphere. Since having LASIK done, my vision is now 20/20. It is so nice being able to wake up in the morning and seeing my surroundings without having to put on glasses or put in contacts.”

– STEPHANIE JENSEN (Homemaker) –

“My LASIK experience was great! The staff was very friendly and made me feel at ease. I love my new eyes! Best decision I ever made!”


“The staff at Davis Vision Center is wonderful to work with. The clarity just in 24 hours is fantastic. Thanks to Davis Vision for wonderful vision.”

– TERESA ATHECLY (Homemaker) –

“I think Davis Vision is great. They have taken good care of me. I was very nervous and they calmed me down. They are so friendly and cheery. The procedure was done quickly and painlessly. I was so surprised when they said I was done. My eyes are great! Thank you very much Davis Vision!”

– JULIE SNIEDER (Florist) –


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