Eclipse Chasers Beware

On the 8th of April there will be a solar eclipse. Depending on where you are located this may be a total or partial eclipse. This affords many with the opportunity to experience this rare event.

If you are going to be viewing the eclipse don’t forget to obtain and wear appropriate eye protection! Viewing the sun or the eclipse without protection can cause temporary or permanent vision loss. The cells in your retina are highly sensitive and can be permanently damaged by the sun’s high energy light. Simply wearing sunglasses is not sufficient. You should wear special solar viewing glasses that meet the ISO 13212-2 standard. This is the standard created by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for Solar Viewers.

Solar viewers are available on line by searching for “solar eclipse glasses” or there may be some local businesses that have them available. You do want to beware of copy-cat viewers and make sure you obtain them from reputable businesses that meet the above standard.

Happy and safe viewing!

From your friends at Davis Vision Center