You’ve been thinking about Lasik for a while, right? Probably every time your contacts dry out. Or when you lay down to watch TV only to have your glasses get knocked sideways. And then there’s the money you put into buying those contacts and glasses, plus all the contact solution, eye drops, and cases to go with them.

But, despite all that, you’ve never decided when the best time would be to get Lasik. So you just keep putting it off and thinking that maybe, someday, Lasik might be worth getting.

Well, someday is here! There is no better time to schedule your Lasik than now.

You see (or you will), spring is the best time to schedule your Lasik surgery. Why? Check out these five reasons:


Lasik surgery has a pretty quick recovery time. It can take a few days to feel 100% again, but some patients are able to drive the day after the surgery! However, Dr. Davis recommends waiting longer than a day to do some activities.

For example, you shouldn’t go swimming for at least 2 weeks after your surgery. Getting chlorine-filled pool water in your newly-fixed eyes could turn into a big problem. Think tissue damage or disease. In the spring, you’re less likely to end up swimming, which is why springtime Lasik is best.

And if your passion in life is water sports, then definitely get your Lasik now. Even though recovery is quick, Dr. Davis suggests waiting 2 months (!) before doing any water sports to prevent any damage to your eyes because they can be a bit sensitive after surgery.

So if you wait until July to decide that Lasik is right for you, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself watching from the beach, letting your eyes heal, while your family shows off their water skiing skills.


On hot summer days when you’re heading to the pool, forgetting to take out your contacts can be a frustrating situation – especially if you lose a contact (or two!) in the water.

When you do remember to take out your contacts first, there’s the dreaded moment when you drop a contact lens down the bathroom sink.

So long, contacts. Nice knowing you.

Actually, it wouldn’t be so bad to say goodbye to the contacts – if it’s because you’re getting Lasik. Just think… If you got Lasik now, then you could do any summer activity you want and never have to worry about losing a contact ever again.

All you’ll have to worry about at the pool are your kids. And with Lasik, you won’t have any trouble seeing them play in the water this year.


Summer is a great time to travel. But airport security is never convenient. And when you have contacts, fitting your contact solution, eye drops, and spare contacts into your already crowded bag of 3 oz. liquids barely happens.

Especially if you’re a parent. Or wear makeup.

Glasses might mean less in your liquids bag, but you could still need eyedrops and cleaner for your glasses. Plus you have to keep track of both the glasses and their case through the whole trip.

Getting Lasik before summer means being able to see perfectly everywhere you go the second you wake up. No contact solution, no eye drops, no glasses – none of it will keep you from experiencing your dream vacation clearly.


Do you remember last summer when you got those transition lenses? And how now you have to walk around inside waiting for the dark lenses to fade every day? Or how you wore sunglasses over your regular glasses and hoped that no one noticed?

Now picture this during summer. You walk outside, soak in the sun, and slip on your sunglasses. And when you walk inside, you take off your sunglasses and can see everything just fine.

That’s it. No hassle.

Because you got Lasik before summer even started. So now you don’t have to squint through your dark transition lenses every time you walk in a store. And sunglasses are the only glasses on your face.

Lasik makes summer easier in a lot of ways, but using sunglasses like a normal person might just be the best way.


Everyone knows that summer is the perfect time to update your look. That’s why people diet and buy new swimsuits.

But with Lasik, you can take your fresh summer look to the next level by ditching your glasses for good. And without your contacts drying out and getting lost, you’ll be able to see everyone else’s new summer looks too.

A new look can brighten your summer and give you new confidence as you head to the beach, go to family reunions, and pose for pictures. And for once, your pictures won’t have light reflecting off your glasses.

You want to make an impression this summer. Lasik makes that easy for you.

And all it takes is 15 minutes.

Davis Vision Center knows you want to look and feel your best this summer. We can help. Call and set up an appointment today, so you can enjoy this summer (and many summers after) with crystal clear vision.


Now that you’re ready to see how much better Lasik will make your summer, you might still have a little doubt in mind: the price tag.

It’s no secret that Lasik isn’t exactly cheap. That’s why at Davis Vision Center we’re offering a limited time discount – and it’s a good one.

Call us today because the first 30 people to schedule a Lasik surgery this spring will receive a $1000 discount on their procedure. That’s almost a 50% discount.

You won’t find a better price with better care anywhere in Utah. We offer the highest quality care possible, and we want you to experience it.

If you miss this massive discount, don’t worry. We are happy to work out a payment plan with you.

After all, Lasik surgery is painless. Paying for it should be too.