Vision problems impact billions of people across the globe. To correct their vision, people tend to resort to glasses and contacts, which can be stressful and expensive to maintain. Having excellent eyesight shouldn’t be a lifelong issue. Fortunately, LASIK has brought significant benefits to those who struggle with poor eyesight. As a common and straightforward procedure, LASIK offers several benefits that most people aren’t aware of. This article will provide information regarding five unique benefits individuals can receive from LASIK eye surgery.

1. LASIK procedures are a painless surgery.

Any type of eye operation doesn’t sound pleasant, especially since eyes are sensitive even to the slightest touch. The pain involved in surgeries is commonly a ‘make it or break it factor for many people. Luckily, LASIK is a smooth and painless surgery for patients. Our doctors use anesthetic drops that numb the eye, which allows patients to feel slight pressure or minimal discomfort.

2. LASIK eye surgery is a quick and easy procedure.

Once again, most people would expect eye surgery to be an intense and lengthy experience. However, LASIK is one of the easiest eye surgeries and can be done in a few minutes for both eyes. The laser portion is only a few seconds as well. Many patients have expressed relief that it was so quick and easy, adding a huge benefit to the surgery.

3. LASIK is a very safe surgery with minimal risks.

LASIK was originally introduced to the surgical community in 1990 and became FDA-approved in 1999. Since then, doctors have produced the best form of LASIK to ensure a patient’s safety and satisfaction. In fact, people are more likely to receive an eye infection or vision loss from contact lenses than LASIK.

4. 98% of all people can qualify for LASIK surgery.

It can be difficult to qualify for surgeries due to certain underlying medical histories and issues that people carry. However, over 98% of all people with poor eyesight qualify for LASIK surgery. Unfortunately, those with severe dry eyes and corneal disorders such as Keratoconus are recommended not to try LASIK.

5. LASIK is cost-effective.

If you’re considering getting LASIK, you’re most likely paying for eyewear, contacts, prescriptions, and other add-ons that come together to help your vision. These expenses are repeated consistently and can add up quickly. On the other hand, LASIK is a one-time operation and saves you thousands of dollars over the years.

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