One of the most important factors in determining the success of LASIK on YOUR EYES is to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. At Davis Vision, it has been our experience that most people who are unhappy with their outcomes shouldn’t have been cleared for LASIK in the first place. Every doctor has a different set of criteria for determining candidacy and that’s where patients need to be aware and selective about the doctor they pick.

Dr. Davis leans on the side of caution when determining a good candidate for LASIK. Some patients have been told they were good candidates for LASIK at other centers but they were not accepted at Davis Vision. Our commitment to your eyes is a lifelong pledge. We want you to have great vision today, tomorrow, and forever. Dr. Davis has completed over 27,000 procedures and every patient has had an improvement in vision. This is a remarkable accomplishment and is a confirmation that Dr. Davis is obsessed about providing the right procedure for each patient. If you want a LASIK doctor that has your best interest in mind and treats you like one of his own family, schedule your free screening today and experience the Davis Vision difference!