Are you considering LASIK eye surgery? To help you determine if LASIK is worth it, let’s discuss the rewards and risks.

What Are The Benefits of LASIK?

Better Vision

The most obvious benefit of LASIK eye surgery is the dramatic improvement in vision. Studies have shown that roughly 95% of patients who receive LASIK achieve 20/40 vision, and 85% achieve 20/20 vision or better. This means no more uncomfortable contact lenses or glasses.

Faster Recovery Time

Although recovery time for LASIK varies, most patients see significant improvements in their vision within the first couple of days. The day after your procedure your vision may still be somewhat blurry and your eyes may be sensitive to light. This can be expected for a couple of weeks as your eyes continue to heal. Most LASIK surgeons will set follow-up appointments one day after surgery, one to two weeks after surgery, and three months after surgery.

Quick and Safe Procedure

The entire procedure happens very quickly, generally taking less than 15 minutes from the moment that you enter the operating room until both eyes have been treated. Not only is LASIK a quick procedure, but it’s also considered a safe and low risk surgery. In fact, over 7,000 peer-reviewed published studies confirm the procedure is both safe and effective thanks to the high level of precise and accurate technology.


LASIK offers obvious benefits, but are there risks involved? For one, not every patient is considered a qualified candidate. There are certain diseases of the eye that can make you a poor candidate. However, most individuals who wear glasses or contacts are candidates. Although some patients worry about damage to their eye, the odds of it becoming a permanent issue are rare.

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