Winter is upon us, so we’re all getting ready to take out our winter gear. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or even just sledding, it’s essential to take that extra precaution of safety gear before hitting the slopes. Let’s talk about necessary eye protection when participating in these winter activities. This small detail is crucial for keeping your vision safe during this snowy season. 

Eyewear Suitable for the Sport

Each winter sport will require different eyewear, so it’s essential to check the standard ratings depending on different eye protection. In addition, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets regulations to help protect eyes and reduce eye injuries for different types of selected sports, including winter activities. Always check the safety ratings for protective eyewear to help you properly prepare for your winter sport. 

It’s also important to choose the correct colored lenses for your activity and weather conditions. For example, when skiing or snowboarding at night, it’s best to have clear lenses to maintain complete visibility. On the other hand, you’ll want to lean towards colored lenses during the day. Dark or mirrored lenses such as platinum, gray, black, and red are suitable for days when the sun is blazing. Softer colors such as rose, yellow, and gold increase contrast in overcast, low-light situations. For all-purpose use, tints such as red, blue, and green cover a range of conditions, from partly cloudy to partly sunny.

Polarized Lenses

Protecting your eyes from sun damage is essential, no matter the occasion. Polarized lenses can help reduce the sun’s strength and reflection off the snow to protect your eyes from intense UV rays. Snow can reflect more than 80% of the sun’s rays, while sand only reflects 15%. The sun can be much stronger, especially with the high elevation when skiing. When purchasing goggles for your winter sports, make sure they are 100% UV protected to shield you from harmful rays that will damage your eyes. 

Heavy Duty Lenses 

It isn’t uncommon to come face-to-face with a tree, rock, or the ground when spending your day skiing or snowboarding. That’s why it’s crucial to find yourself a pair of durable goggles to protect your eyes from any debris or damage if you crash. Opting for durable eye protection will prevent your lenses from breaking and possibly damaging your eyes. The heavy-duty lenses may be pricier, but you’ll be thankful to avoid any accidents in the event of a nasty crash.

Lubricating Eye Drops

Dry eyes are extremely common when the cold months come around. The lack of moisture in the air and wind on your face while spending your day on the slopes is a recipe for irritated eyes. This can be avoided by carrying proper lubricant eye drops with you to prevent dryness. Eye drops are easily accessible at any local grocery store also at Davis Vision Center to help keep your eyes moisturized throughout the day. 

At Davis Vision Center, we want to ensure your eyes are in good condition to take on these winter activities. If you have any further questions or would like to make an appointment for an exam, you can contact us at (801) 693-4283 for more information.