The Fourth of July is a favorite American holiday but mishaps with fireworks can make the holiday memorable for all the wrong reasons. At Davis Vision we want you to have a safe and fun Holiday so please read and follow these safety tips:

  • Never handle fireworks without protective eyewear and ensure that all bystanders are also wearing eye protection.
  • Never let young children play with fireworks of any type. If older children are permitted to handle fireworks, ensure they are closely supervised by an adult and wear protective eyewear.
  • Clear the area of flammable materials and view fireworks from at least 500 feet away.
  • Leave the lighting of professional-grade fireworks to trained pyrotechnicians.
  • For those who attend professional fireworks displays and/or live in communities surrounding the shows: Respect safety barriers at fireworks shows.
  • Do not touch unexploded display (show) fireworks; instead, immediately contact local fire or police departments to help.
  • If you do experience an eye injury during a fireworks accident, seek immediate medical help.

Each July 4th, thousands of Americans are injured using fireworks. Eyes are among the most injured body parts, and one in six fireworks-related eye injuries results in permanent vision loss or blindness. Eye injuries from fireworks include cuts, burns, abrasions, retinal detachment, optic nerve damage, rupture of the eyeball, and complete blindness. Of the more than 9,000 fireworks injuries that occur in the United States each year, approximately 45 percent are sustained by children age 15 and under. It is crucial to parents are vigilant and keep their children informed and protected from the dangers of fireworks. If you do suffer from an eye injury, seek medical attention immediately.  You only have one set of eyes, protect them!