December is a great time of year for so many reasons, the joy of giving is high on most peoples list’s. Finding the perfect gift for the special people in our lives is one of the most rewarding things we do all year. With Christmas next week we know that it is crunch time to find those gifts. At Davis Vision we love the Holiday season and would like to give you some ideas for gifts that keep giving far beyond this Christmas. Here is a quick guide to unique gifts that give something a little different and allow them to experience the world around them. 

1) Gift of Sound

Give them tickets to a concert, whether it is their favorite artist or instruments they are hearing they will love getting out and listening.

2) Gift of Touch

So many business’ offer classes to learn and experience new skills.  Whether it’s Archery or pottery giving them the opportunity to use their hands and learn something new will be significantly more exciting than a new pair of socks.

3) Gift of Smell

Having someone come and clean your house is a gift that is especially welcomed after the craziness of the holidays. There are so many quality professional companies that will allow them to take some “them” time, relax and smell the fresh clean around them.

4) Gift of Taste

Everyone loves food. Try giving a gift card to their favorite food establishment or taking them to try somewhere new and exciting. Bonus if you take them, not only are creating memories and enjoying time together but you also get to eat.

5) Gift of Sight

Obviously this is our area of expertise and the gift of LASIK is something that will change their life forever.  With the gift of LASIK you are not only simplifying everyday life in so many ways but you are clarifying and giving focus to every experience by allowing them to see the world around them!

All of these gifts are sure to leave a lasting impression and make this Christmas special.  If giving the gift of sight is what you decide give us a call and we can help you make this year life changing! Happy Holidays from all of us here at Davis Vision and have fun GIVING!