At the beginning of the year, goals, ambitions, and exciting plans are on the minds of everyone. The beginning of a new year offers a fresh start, and that in itself is motivating. Stepping into 2022 with clearer vision, and ditching contacts and glasses in the process will allow you to better enjoy the process of achieving your New Year’s resolutions with as little hassle as possible. Being able to see clearly without the need for contacts or glasses will help you better achieve the goals you have set in every aspect of your life. 

1. You’ll save money in the long run

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Just like taking a gradual approach to your goals, not going from 0-60 in the first week of a new goal, will help you sustain the habits necessary for you to reach your goal, Lasik will also be more sustainable in the long haul. Lasik ends up paying for itself as the years go on. You can always use your FSA to help finance your Lasik eye surgery. At Davis Vision Center, they offer Lasik eye surgeries from experienced surgeons, but at an affordable price. 

Not having to shell out money every month on contacts will leave more room for you to finance the goals you have set for the New Year. A little money can go a long way when it comes to actively pursue your ambitions. 

2. You’ll gain confidence

While some people love the way they look in glasses and use their eyewear to make a fashion statement, glasses can be a point of insecurity for others. For those who dislike their glasses, a newfound feeling of self-confidence can emerge after Lasik. People begin to feel more confident in their appearance, and that confidence seeps into the other aspects of their lives. When you’re working toward achieving the goals you have set for the new year, confidence can be a catalyst in the process. 

3. Athletic activities become easier

A large portion of New Year’s Resolutions pertains to personal health and wellness. Lasik can be a major positive factor when it comes to all of the fitness goals you’re working toward. Working to improve your mental and physical health with exercise is a noble goal, but wearing glasses and contacts to the gym can add more frustration to your experience. Doing HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with glasses will result in your eyewear slipping down your nose, and even falling off your face entirely, and landing not the ground. Planks, yoga, and outdoor running all become more complicated when you have your glasses to worry about.

Exercise becomes complicated for a contact wearer, too. Sweat can get under the lease which ends up causing eye irritation. This can cause your workout to be a lot less enjoyable than it would’ve been otherwise. 

The bottom line- those with glasses or contacts and a New Years Resolution to exercise more should seriously consider getting Lasik to help them achieve their goals. 

4. Freedom and Convenience

The freedom and convenience that comes with getting Lasik eye surgery will help all of your New Year’s resolutions become more attainable, and will help reduce the frustration that may arise when wearing glasses and contacts become a hassle. Losing your glasses, or having a contact lens slip down the drain of your bathroom sink diminish when you invest in Lasik. 

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