If you’re considering LASIK, you’re most likely wondering how soon after the procedure you can resume your normal activities. Although it’s different for everyone, here are the recommended wait times for a variety of activities.

Recommended Wait Times For Activities


Although your vision will be clear immediately after the procedure, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you back home. We also advise a driver for your first post-op exam the following day. We provide our patients with protective shields to keep you from touching your eyes in the hours following your surgery.


We recommend resuming exercise within a few days of your procedure. Be careful not to touch your eyes for at least two weeks.


To prevent irritating your eyes, we recommend avoiding swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, and oceans for at least two weeks after the procedure.


In most cases, patients can return to work within a day or two. If your eyes are still sensitive to the light or are feeling fatigued, wait a few more days to return to work.


Although it’s safe to shower the day after getting LASIK, be careful to avoid getting soap or shampoo in your eyes.

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines. If you have questions about resuming activities after getting LASIK, contact our Davis Vision Center today.

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