As Tax Day quickly approaches, people are deciding how to spend their tax refund. While many use their refund to travel, pay off debt, or splurge on expensive new gadgets, others are using it for more long-term lifestyle changes, such as LASIK eye surgery. Here’s how you can put your tax refund toward LASIK eye surgery.


Filing opens January 31st in the United States. Once you file your taxes, the IRS will typically process your refund within three weeks. While you wait for your refund to arrive, book a LASIK consultation with an experienced Utah LASIK surgeon. Before LASIK can be performed, the eye surgeons at Davis Vision Center must perform a thorough eye examination to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for the procedure. Most individuals who wear glasses or contacts are candidates. An ideal LASIK candidate’s vision must fall within an acceptable range. During the pre-operative appointment, your eyes will be dilated to gather the most in-depth information possible. By the time you have your LASIK surgery, your tax refund should have already hit your bank account.


Laser eye surgery is considered an elective surgery, so most insurance companies don’t cover LASIK. However, the IRS allows views LASIK as a medical expense, which can be deducted. Not only can you deduct the cost of LASIK, but you may also deduct associated costs, such as transportation. However, there is a catch. Keep in mind that medical expenses are only deductible if they exceed 7.5 percent of your adjusted gross income.


At Davis Vision Center, we see a lot of patients who are concerned about the cost of LASIK. Fortunately, there are several ways for patients to pay for the life changing eye surgery. To help with surgery costs, Davis Vision Center offers interest free financing (if paid in full by required due date) through Care Credit. You may ask us about the benefits of Care Credit or contact them directly at (800) 365-8295 or online at We at Davis Vision Center are committed to help your LASIK experience be the very best.