Your eyes are how you take in so much information about the world around you. When it comes to making sure you have the best vision you can, LASIK eye surgery is one of the more sought-after procedures. Given how dependent most of us are on our eyesight, you wouldn’t want to trust your eyes and vision to just anybody, would you? So how can you tell if you’ve found a quality LASIK eye center where you can get the treatment you need?

A Clean, Comfortable Facility

The LASIK eye center you go to should be comfortable and clean. Cleanliness is always important in places where medical treatments of any sort are being done. While the rooms where treatments take place must be sanitized, the cleanliness of the waiting rooms and other areas of the center should also matter. It shows a commitment to patient health and safety. Comfort, both mental and physical, also plays into this. Comfortable seating, lighting, and noise levels can help put patients and their family at ease. Davis Vision Center offers free WiFi and a cabin for children. This allows us to help children and adults alike feel comfortable and welcome at our LASIK eye center.

Qualified, Reputable Doctors and Staff

It is equally as important that the LASIK eye center you choose to receive your treatment at has qualified and reputable doctors and staff. You wouldn’t want someone who doesn’t have the qualifications or a good reputation to be involved in something as delicate as LASIK eye surgery. When deciding if a LASIK eye center is a quality center, make sure you research the doctors that work there. It doesn’t hurt to learn a little about how the staff are trained either.

We are proud to say that at Davis Vision Center, we have multiple highly qualified doctors who can help you with your vision needs. Dr. Brian R. Davis, M.D. is one of the most experienced and sought-after LASIK surgeons in the country. You don’t have to go any farther than South Jordan to have the chance to get treatment from him or any of our other top-notch doctors though. We don’t just focus on making sure our doctors and surgeons are some of the very best though. All of our staff receive continuing personal and professional development so they’ll have the knowledge, training, and tools to do the very best job possible.

Advanced Equipment

The equipment a LASIK eye center uses is another important factor in determining if the center is a top-notch quality eye center. Using the most advanced equipment means that your LASIK eye surgery is as safe as possible and can be completely blade-free. At Davis Vision Center, we use the Intralase FS laser along with the most advanced version of the VISX Star S4 with iris registration to create the flap during LASIK eye surgery for precisely those reasons.

You depend on your vision to learn and take in information about the world around you. Not everyone’s vision is always as good as it could be though. If you want to use LASIK eye surgery to correct your vision, finding a quality LASIK eye center is a must. That way you can feel confident that you’ll get the quality treatment you need.

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