Eye care is important for everyone and for an athlete wearing contact lenses or glasses can be inconvenient. Sweat and dirt can cause irritation, glasses can get broken; it’s a hassle. LASIK eye surgery has made quite an impact on athletes in many fields, and aided their performance.

In Utah we have no shortage of opportunities to be active, from skiing in the winter to biking in the summer glasses and contacts get in the way and can cause problems with any sport. Of course having clear vision will improve your experience but it can also improve your performance. Thousands of athletes from around the world have opted for LASIK eye surgery. Top tier athletes like, Tiger Woods and Lebron James, have seen the benefits of laser eye surgery. According to National Public Radio, in 1999, Tiger Woods had gone 16 straight tournaments without a victory.

Later that year, he opted for the Lasik procedure, and won 7 of his next 10 matches.In general, Lasik eye surgery is a great process to take advantage of to increase your performance level no matter what athletic activity you are involved in. If you’re an athlete considering Lasik eye surgery, give us a call and schedule a free consultation to see if Lasik is right for you.