Vision plays an important role of if you are in the military. Glasses can often interfere with your duties and become a nuisance while trying to complete tasks. Fortunately, LASIK can enhance the clarity of your vision and free you from the constant maintenance of glasses or contacts.


 In recent years, researchers have studied the benefits of LASIK in the military, and as a result, over 315,000 laser vision corrective procedures have been completed to date. Since combat zones aren’t exactly ideal for environments for people with eyeglasses or contact lenses, the military’s interest in LASIK and other vision corrective procedures has continued to soar. In fact, the military has acknowledged that the benefits of LASIK can be potentially lifesaving to a service member, which is why vision correction has been approved for all aspects of military service, including aviation, special operations, and support roles.

In addition to helping their performance and ensuring safety, LASIK can also be an affordable option for soldiers. If you are an active member of the military, this procedure may be available to you free of charge or at a discounted rate.


LASIK not only benefits members of the military, but it’s also highly recommended for figherfighters and and law enforcement. Because LASIK surgery drastically improves vision, it offers several benefits for firefights and police, including

  • Driving to emergencies
  • Pursuing suspects
  • Observing crime scenes
  • Weapon accuracy

It’s easy to see why firefighters and law enforcement officers are also ideal candidates for LASIK surgery and other vision corrective procedures.

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